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How to use Google Sheets

I’m pretty sure that at one point of your life you’ve used Microsoft Excel, or at least you’ve opened it and got confused. And don’t worry, it’s pretty normal to get confused with these kinds of programs because you actually need to study how to use it. The thing is that we’re not going to talk about Excel here, but about a tool that is kind of the same thing. We’re going to talk about Google Sheets and in some way, it is similar to Excel, but also different in other areas. 

No doubt you’ve heard of Microsoft Excel because it’s a pretty famous program, but it’s possible that you haven’t heard about Google Sheets. But there’s nothing to worry about. Now we’re going to talk about this basic information about Google Sheets and what you have to do to use it.  

What’s Google Sheets?

Basically, Google Sheets is a completely free, cloud-based spreadsheet application. This app is a part of a suite that is offered by Google, and it contains a series of different programs that you can use to edit documents from distinct sources.

Business people choose to work with these kinds of programs because they make it easy to execute calculations and formulas in a fast and simple way. But this is not the only way you can use the spreadsheets. You can organize different things on them, and it can be easy for you to find a certain thing you’ve registered on the spreadsheets.  

Google Sheets is an app that can really help you in the management of different processes and projects. Its spreadsheets are almost infinite because you can add columns and rows as much as you want and it seems like it’s never going to end. Besides, these kinds of documents are pretty flexible because you can actually put any kind of information inside their cells. 

Even though Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application, Google Sheets also has its own advantages over the other app.  

What do I need to use Google Sheets?

Because it is an app that has been developed by Google, the first thing you are going to need to use Google Sheets is a Google account. If you don’t have one, you can create it and it’s completely free and easy to do. If you already have Gmail, for example, then you will have access to Google Sheets immediately. 

In order to use Google Sheets, you will need to enter Google Drive’s web page. When you have a Google account, you are already using Google Drive to store your files and documents. And it is in that webpage that we will have access to all the apps that Google offers to edit different kinds of documents. 

You’re going to look for the button that has the word “New” and click on it. When you do that, a list it’s going to be displayed and you’re going to see the different options that you can use to open a document. It is in that list that you will have the opportunity to open a new document using Google Sheets, and that would be enough for you to start using it

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