The add-on for your SEO needs

Easy installation

Go to the Unlimited Sheets page in the Google Workspace Marketplace, install it & execute it . You don’t need to worry to copy/paste different Google Spreadsheets for each new functionality that you find out there. With Unlimited Sheets you only need to install it once and that’s it!

Utilities functions

The first version of the Add-on comes with 7 custom functions to improve your day-to-day operations with Google Sheets. Check if a value exist in a column, replace any string or substring, use the vertical lookup with 2 values or unlimited ones and much more.

SEO functions

11 Custom SEO functions in order to improve your productivity and to have all the data that you need in just one place, extract monthly search volume, scrape HTML using regex, get related queries from a seed, calculate the traffic run rate for the current month of the next one…

SEO functions

  • getAvgDailyTrafficFromWeek
  • getLocaleBySubdomain
  • getRunRateCurrentMonth
  • getRunRateNextMonth
  • getSearchVolume
  • getStatusCode
  • getUrlsFromSitemap
  • removeHtml
  • scrapeByRegex
  • slugify
  • suggestQueries


  • existsInColumn
  • groupByCell
  • myReplace
  • returnCellInversed
  • returnLastCell
  • unlimitedVlookup (beta)
  • v2lookup


Coming soon…

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install it?

You need to go to this URL and press install in the button.

How can I execute the Add-on?

After you have install it, go to any Spreadsheet where do you want to use it and go to Add-ons > Unlimited Sheets > Execute. When you click in execute you’ll have all the custom functions that you need.

I need to run this process every time that I want to use it?

Just the first time that you execute it in that Spreadsheet. If you have execute it previously is not necessary that you repeat the process. It’s only necessary if you want to check the documentation.

How can I see the custom functions documentation?

After you execute the Add-on in your Spreadsheet. Go to Add-ons > Unlimited Sheets > Documentation.