The add-on for your SEO needs

Easy installation

Go to the Unlimited Sheets page in the Google Workspace Marketplace, install it & execute it. That's it!

Free version

The first version of the Add-on comes with custom functions to improve your day-to-day SEO operations & some extra utilities too


No need to copy/paste different Google Spreadsheets templates for each new functionality you find

Premium version

With the same Add-on you will have the option of the premium version which it has more complex functionalities. Coming soon...

Free SEO functions

Free utilities

Premium functions


If you first want to give it a try you can use the free version



Per month



Per month



Per month

Frequently asked questions

You only need to go to this URL and and press the install button.

After installation, go to the spreadsheet you want to use it on and click on Add-ons > Unlimited Sheets > Execute. When you click in execute you’ll have all the custom functions that you need.

Just the first time you execute it on a specific Spreadsheet or whenever you want to check the documentation.

After you execute the Add-on in your Spreadsheet. Go to Add-ons > Unlimited Sheets > Documentation.

Simply type the name of the function in the cell you want to use it on and press enter.

When typing = you will see a list of all available functions on the current sheet, including the ones added with the Unlimited Sheets add-on.

While typing the function, you will see the parameters, the return value and the function documentation.

No API credits required

  • All free functions
  • selectRandomCell


1 API credit per execution

  • indexNow
  • scrapeByXPath
  • scrapeByCssPath


10 API credits per execution

  • getAllPagesFromSERP
  • getPaidPagesFromSERP
  • getOrganicPagesFromSERP
  • getKeywordPosition


200 API Credits per execution

  • getSearchVolumeFromGoogle (up to 1000 keywords per execution)

Unlimited Sheets is a Google sheets add-on that adds custom functions.


"Great extension full of super helpful SEO functions & utilities to speed up your google sheet working process 👌"
Jose Yébenes
SEO Specialist @ Softonic
"Unlimited Sheets is the best way to speed up your day to day with unique formulas that help you from scraping Google to doing better lookups. Highly recommended for anyone in marketing, product or tech!"
Esteve Castells
Global Head of SEO @ Adevinta
"Unlimited Sheets is the must have add-on for marketers to take your Google Sheets productivity to the next level! I highly recommend it"
Aleyda Solis
International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author.
"Google Sheets will never be the same again. If you work with data and as a SEO, analyst or decision maker in the marketing area, you will love putting Unlimited Sheets in your life. Everything you need to draw conclusions from your data with just one click"
Clara Soteras
SEO @ beteve. Teacher at FccUab & journalist

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